Information Technology


For 20 plus years, DPRA has provided quality information technology services. Areas of expertise include software development, cybersecurity, databases, project support, and prototyping.

Software Development

Our software development team is technologically versatile; we have expertise in a variety of tools, from .NET to Java to open-source products. We use an Agile development approach and use a Scrum format for most projects. This methodology focuses on iterative cycles of design, development, testing, and review. In addition to using Agile, we also practice Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 processes. Pairing Agile with CMMI methodologies ensures our software meets requirements, satisfies clients, and is of the highest quality.


Threats to cybersecurity are constantly evolving; as such, security remains a top priority throughout all of our work. Our certified and accredited security experts have extensive experience designing, developing, and implementing software applications that meet the latest Department of Defense security standards. DPRA facilities have been granted a facility clearance, ensuring that we are prepared to meet our clients’ needs while maintaining confidentiality. DPRA is also familiar with RMF and DIACAP methodologies; we have obtained several ATOs to operate on the SIPRNet


Effective data management means more time spent on decision making—not information sifting. DPRA designs, develops, and administers databases that help our clients securely store and retrieve data. We design scalable databases that store data efficiently without compromising data security or performance.

IT Project Support

In addition to developing state-of-the-art information systems, DPRA is equipped to provide all the services required to maintain the systems and ensure they operate at peak performance. We manage help desks (Tiers 1-3) to provide our customers with efficient and timely support, whether that be resetting user passwords or troubleshooting advanced technical issues. We also have network management teams who can create scalable and secure networks for your applications. Finally, we understand that a system is only as good as the user’s ability to master the system and use it effectively. From automated help applications, to traditional classroom training, to one-on-one user support for advanced applications, DPRA knows how to equip users to use systems effectively.

Custom Solutioning

Our innovative team is dedicated to finding solutions for our clients—even if that means building a solution from scratch. For over 20 years, DPRA has successfully imagined, designed, built, and fielded prototypes for the US DoD, other US federal agencies, and international clients. We are one of the few small businesses that have successfully prototyped for a DoD agency, and transitioned that prototype into a program of record that is still used today.