Data and Records Management

The office is going paperless, with digital documents dominating the records system. Many organizations are challenged with what to do with a legacy of valuable paper records. DPRA organizes, catalogs, archives, and stores these records, with respect for their informational and archival values.


Digital Document Management
DPRA’s digital document management systems secure and store large volumes and provide advanced search and retrieval capabilities. Our equipment and procedures can quickly process large quantities of standard, oversized, and fragile documents. Our imaging process ensures every page is captured and processed with optical character recognition for full text searching. Our digital document management systems use a web-based user interface, similar to popular search engines, that allow users to quickly locate documents. DPRA’s search options allow for full text queries, or document identification from metadata that our analysts capture and enter for each document. We also find documents that are geo-referenced using a map-based interface.

Records Archiving and Management

Whether you are starting a new filing system or have a warehouse full of records, DPRA has the expertise to create and manage your files. DPRA specializes in tackling large legacy records projects, no matter what condition they are in. Our document analysts catalog and organize for imaging, archiving, and storage. If your company has paper records that must be archived at another location, DPRA has the experience to prepare the records for storage, complete the necessary paperwork, and prepare your records for final disposition. DPRA’s certified records managers and support staff ensure that your records management process meets all of the legal requirements for records management and archiving, including NARA, if applicable.

Litigation Support

DPRA’s document management capabilities are particularly valuable for litigation support, where it is critical that clients be able to find and retrieve all of the vital information they are looking for quickly. Our document management team has paralegal backgrounds and can ensure you have the information you need.