Harvest® is a web-based reporting and information software that reports organizational readiness and capability status. Harvest’s reporting capabilities can be integrated with siloed applications and systems, making all critical organizational data accessible in real time and in one place. In turn, Harvest enables swifter responses to challenges and more effective resource management.

Key Capabilities of Harvest:

  • View real-time capability and status reporting.
  • Receive immediate alerts of status changes.
  • Configure reporting components to meet your needs.
  • Obtain data history and trend analysis.
  • Transmit reporting data from high-to-low or low-to-high.
  • Share map data via active links.
  • Connect to middleware.
  • Navigate the simple, robust interface with ease.

The video below illustrates Harvest’s architecture and capability status reporting. For a more detailed look at Harvest, download the Harvest White Paper.

For more information about Harvest, please contact us.