TALIRA: Capital Development Project Support

DPRA’s TALIRA® Service is designed to assist capital development project owners (i.e., mining, oil and gas, infrastructure, etc.) throughout the life cycle of their projects.

Comprised of a series of stand-alone modules designed to meet a targeted need (i.e., In-Transit Visibility, Material Tracking, Operational Status, Executive Oversight), this Software Suite is a web-based, remotely accessible, permissions-driven solution that is capable of supporting as many users as necessary, operating in project locations across the Globe.


Clients pick and choose the modules that are most responsive to their needs and DPRA will then configure these COTS systems to form a unique client-specific response. Once configured, clients are given access to their unique project support solution via a web portal.

Our aim is to provide a simple, easy-to-use, and responsive solution that provides our clients with what they want when they want it.