Software Development

From large scale, enterprise-level systems to small custom applications, DPRA emphasizes quality, customer service and customer satisfaction. Our software developers use the latest methodologies, tools, and approaches to meet the needs of our clients.



CMMI Methodology

DPRA’s software development methodology is based on Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)-inspired processes. CMMI is a process improvement program developed by Carnegie Mellon University and has proven to achieve decreased costs and improved on-time delivery, productivity, quality and customer satisfaction. Our structured approach to software development using CMMI principles is designed to ensure that our software meets customer requirements and is of the highest quality.

Agile Development

We use an agile development approach and use a scrum format for most projects. Development work is divided into two or four week sprints and is conducted by multi-functional teams. We highly value customer/user input and obtain it after every sprint. Our process includes frequent “inspect and adapt” points to increase effectiveness. Working, useful software is our primary objective.

Development Tools and Platforms

DPRA has expertise developing applications in Microsoft.NET and Java using the latest tools for software development, testing, project management, code maintenance and collaboration. We stay up-to-date with technical developments and continuously evaluate how new technologies can benefit our customers.


DPRA designs and develops software with security in mind. We have certified security experts on staff and have significant experience meeting the latest U.S. government software security requirements.

Systems Integration

DPRA specializes in Systems Integration with expertise in integrating hardware and commercial and open source products from Microsoft, Oracle, and RedHat.