Modeling and Simulation

DPRA specializes in developing automated simulation and modeling applications that allow our clients to understand complex systems, make effective decisions, conduct realistic training exercises, and save money.

DPRA develops models that create detailed schedules for large scale deployments that are the equivalent of moving a city to another continent.

Deterministic Models

Our clients use our deterministic modeling capabilities to predict the performance of complex systems. The information produced from these models supports resource allocation decisions and course of action selection.

Simulation Development

DPRA uses advanced simulation development tools to create realistic simulations of logistics and other processes. By analyzing many simulation runs, DPRA analysts evaluate network architecture, determine how robust systems need to be and make recommendations on process improvement.

Process Optimization

For simple processes, we apply the science of optimization to determine optimal values. DPRA also understands that optimizing highly complex systems is an art that requires a combination of analytical tools and process knowledge to deliver the best results.

Models for Training

Our models experts provide clients realistic training exercises that are often only practical in a simulated, rather than physical, environment.

Modeling for Cost Savings

DPRA develops models proven to be very accurate in predicting the actual costs of operations. Our clients save millions of dollars by modeling for both cost savings and process optimization.