IT System Administration

In addition to developing state-of-the-art information systems, DPRA also specializes in providing all the services required to maintain the systems, keep them secure, and ensure they operate at peak performance.



Security Accreditation Support

Threats to cyber security are constantly evolving. We have certified and accredited security experts on staff with extensive experience in designing, developing, and implementing software applications to meet the latest Department of Defense security standards.

Systems Administration

DPRA System Engineers and Administrators keep servers operating at peak efficiency. We succeed by performing routine systems administration functions such as software updates and data backups to prevent major problems before they happen.

Help Desk Support

DPRA has experience managing help desks that keep systems running. From resetting user passwords through troubleshooting advanced technical issues, DPRA help desk provide our customers with efficient and timely support.

Network Management

Through creative implementation of computer networks, automated systems offer much greater capability and accessibility—as long as the network is running properly. DPRA understands that designing and supporting a robust network infrastructure is critical to the success of modern applications, and our network management teams know how to create scalable and secure networks for your applications.

User Support and Training

A system is only as good as the user’s ability to master the system and use it effectively. From automated help applications, to traditional classroom training, to one-on-one user support for advanced applications, DPRA knows how to equip users to use systems effectively.


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