In-Transit Visibility

DPRA provides advanced automated tools to visually track assets moving anywhere in the world. On our maps you can see your shipments’ locations, plus you can obtain detailed information about what your shipments contain.


GPS Interface

Location information is provided by Global Positioning System (GPS) transponders attachable to any vehicle. The location data is communicated to DPRA’s systems via satellite or cell phone transmission.

Web-Based Mapping

DPRA provides a custom, web-based mapping tool that allows you to zoom in to see specific locations, your transportation assets as well as the route they followed and the projected route to their destination. An enterprise system with geo-spatial data can interface with the mapping product for display.

Manifest Viewing

DPRA’s system allows you to easily view a full manifest of any shipment on the map. With reachback capability, the manifest or other displayed information is as current as the controlling enterprise system, ensuring the display data is up-to-date.

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