Geographic Information Systems

DPRA develops the powerful Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools global organizations need to manage and integrate geographic data, solve engineering and environmental problems, and plan for the future.



Through creative layering and geo-referencing of all forms of digital data—including text, graphics, spreadsheets, architectural and engineering blueprints, aerial photographs, video, environmental data, and, of course, any map features—DPRA’s creative analytical, management, and communication tools enable our clients to incorporate mapping functions into their critical decision-making processes.

Geospatial Applications

DPRA builds geospatial capabilities into much of the software it develops. Whether you need an application that shows you the current location of assets, uses a map-based interface for developing logistical plans, or geo-references large quantities of documents, DPRA has developed geospatial applications that address your needs.

Geographic Data Management

Our GIS specialists design, standardize, and manage large volumes of geographic data for a wide range of logistics, operations, and environmental applications.

GIS Products

DPRA’s TALIRA Mapping Service product supports powerful web-based mapping applications that can be easily integrated with any geospatial data source. More TALIRA information.

ESRI Application Support

Whether you need development of a simple map or a complex web-based application based on ESRI products, DPRA has the expertise to meet your needs.


Cartography and Mapping

DPRA cartographers have the experience to develop any kind of custom printed or online map.

DPRA develops detailed maps as well as supporting 3D visualizations of data to meet our clients’ needs.


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