Adaptive Planning

One of the challenges for the U.S. military’s Adaptive Planning process is to improve the quality of deployment planning while drastically reducing the time to develop a plan. Achieving these goals requires critical expertise in the military planning process as well as advanced planning software. Our Adaptive Planning experts provide the knowledge and experience to accomplish the Adaptive Planning mission.


Planning Support

DPRA’s Adaptive Planning experts have a wealth of experience in developing operational plans covering the full spectrum of military operations from humanitarian relief to general warfare.

Training and User Support

The turnover of personnel using advanced planning tools, such as those developed by DPRA, require significant training and user support. We provide a wide range of support services, from formal classroom training to help desk support to one-on-one training, DPRA excels at providing the training and user support customers need for Adaptive Planning.

Support to Planning Conferences

A successful planning conference is the key to plan development. DPRA supports planning conferences by preparing the necessary data and providing guidance on the operation of all automated tools. The end result is an effective collaborative conference that completes the planning objectives.

Support to Military Exercises

Our tools and consultants provide critical support to a variety of military exercises. DPRA helps planners develop exercise scenarios and provides ongoing support to ensure that the exercises complete their objectives and are successful.