Harvest® is a web-based electronic business information and reporting tool. It captures, in one easy to access location, the most up-to-date information and professional judgments on the core business activities of your projects.

Through “Traffic Lights” and Status  Alerts, Harvest® provides project managers, company executives and management personnel with real-time updates on core business  and project activities. The tool also provides users with the added ability to drill down to specific areas and  business units (e.g., Staging Areas) to view specific data and monitor activities.
Harvest provides:

  • Overall Status Tracking
  • Instantaneous Notifications of Status Changes
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Tracking
  • Informed Planning and Decision-Making
  • Timely & Effective Corporate Awareness

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TALIRA Movement Tracking Module

The DPRA TALIRA® Movement Tracking Module (TMTM) is a web-based electronic material tracking tool. It provides users with the ability to create Shipping Manifests using purchase order data, assign those Manifests to Conveyances (i.e., Trucks, Barges, Ships, Airplanes, Trawlers, etc.), and visually track the movement of materials from one location to another on a GIS Map interface.

  • Accessible to multiple users in various locations
  • Users are able to create Shipment Manifests and assign those manifests to a multitude of conveyances
  • Provides in-transit visibility of all materials that the user wishes to track
  • Users are able to access detailed manifest data directly from conveyance icons on the GIS Map Interface
  • Built-in Report Templates and  query ability (users are able to search all data captured by TMTM)
  • Historical activity / data tracking at the line item level
  • Configurable. Allows users to define their view based on their role and responsibilities

Prod_TMTM_InTransit Visibility

 TALIRA Mapping

TALIRA Mapping Service is DPRA’s custom web-based, geographic information systems toolset. It has a strong capability to display custom maps on the Internet with the capability to add custom overlays based on your data set. DPRA uses TALIRA Mapping Service as the engine for many of its GIS applications, and it can offer you a lower cost alternative to other internet mapping solutions. Click here to get more information on the TALIRA Mapping Service.


Asset Reservation System

The Asset Reservation Module (ARM) is a web-based electronic reservation and booking system. It provides Users with the ability to easily identify available assets, reserve available assets, and track utilization over time.


Business Process Architect

The Business Process Architect Module is a web-based electronic business process and workflow definition and task tracking tool. It provides users with the ability to define, in detail, all work-related business processes, such as regulatory permits, and purchase order development.

Prod_BPA_Workflw Articulation_Track