Oil, Gas and Mining

The Oil and Gas and Mining industries face a wide range of challenges when planning, designing, and implementing their projects in locations around the world, particularly those in remote areas. DPRA understands these challenges well and has extensive experience working with project owners and associated contractors in these industries to facilitate successful operation of their projects.

  • Logistics for Remote Projects

    DPRA’s TALIRA Services are customized to provide advanced planning and management capabilities to keep your projects on schedule and to help you reduce costs both on current and future projects.

  • Oil Sands Tailings Management

    DPRA’s partner company, ElectroKinetic Solutions Inc., has developed an innovative technology that compacts tailings from the Canadian oil sands and recovers water for re-use by producers.

  • Stakeholder and First Nations Relations

    DPRA Canada has expertise in stakeholder relations, socio-economic, cultural, and environment impact assessments, and regulatory processes at all government levels. Our work includes building consultation frameworks, and engaging with local communities and stakeholders to achieve support for large scale projects.