One of DPRA’s core competencies is helping a wide range of government organizations to accomplish their missions. DPRA’s success in helping governments achieve their goals is predicated on recruiting and training highly qualified staff with a deep understanding of the mission, maintaining strong relationships with the wide range of stakeholders involved in all government projects, and fostering innovative solutions.

  • Client Site Support

    Based on decades of providing dedicated support staff at government facilities, DPRA has developed a proven management system that keeps client satisfaction high and employee turnover low. Our government customers look to DPRA to provide efficient support that allows their programs to succeed.

  • Multi-Site Operations

    Some of the most difficult operations to manage effectively are those that require the contractor to provide government site support at multiple locations. The challenge is to provide a consistent level of service while also meeting the needs at each location. DPRA has can bring its extensive experience to bear on your multi-site projects.

  • Policy and Regulatory Support

    The heart of many government projects is developing strong but flexible policies and regulations to meet the objectives of the program. DPRA attorneys and policy analysts develop policies and regulations for our clients.

  • Information Systems Support

    DPRA understands that having a strong IT staff is not enough to create a successful data system for government clients. The key to success is pairing a strong IT staff with subject matter experts. It is this subject matter expertise that sets DPRA’s services apart.

  • Project Management

    Executing government projects relies on effective project management. DPRA Project Managers make sure that your projects are a success through effective oversight of work, customer interaction, and financial and technical reporting.