From creating the software the U.S. military uses to develop logistical plans to helping the Department of Defense with closure and cleanup of former military facilities, DPRA provides support that helps our military clients complete their missions.

  • Adaptive PLanning

    DPRA has a strong team of military planning professionals who support military deployment plans and collaborate with development of automated tools to accelerate the planning process. DPRA manages these automated tools to assist in the development of significant deployment plans.

  • Mission Critical Software

    The DPRA team builds software that performs critical military functions and meets extensive Department of Defense security, interoperability, and reliability standards.

  • Logistics Solutions

    DPRA provides the military with innovative solutions for its logistical challenges. Our planning tools help deliver priority forces and supplies to meet critical timelines while saving millions of dollars in shipping costs.

  • Cyber Security

    DPRA develops and operates secure data systems that meet military standards for system accreditation and security.

  • Data and Records Management

    Our records and data management solutions feature safe and secure storage and fast, reliable retrieval of records. We design these systems with the specific and strategic needs of the military customer in mind.

  • DPRA managed millions of pages of records and environmental data for a large base closure project at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal in Colorado.

    Base Closure Support

    DPRA has extensive experience helping the Department of Defense close military facilities by collecting and managing the vast quantity of site records associated with environmental cleanup and protection requirements.