Denis O’Keefe
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. O’Keefe has served as CEO of DPRA Inc. since 2011. He previously held a variety of executive positions with increasing responsibilities within the Corporation. As CEO, Denis continues to build the company’s reputation as an innovative provider of management and technology consulting, including custom application, information technical engineering and security services to private sector corporations as well as government organizations in Canada and the United States. Under his direction, DPRA has become a recognized leader in the support of the full enterprise IT lifecycle from designing and integrating to operating, maintaining and securing the necessary systems, networks and equipment.

Denis has more than 16 years of experience in information technology management, working with various governments, military, and commercial clients. Denis promotes client-centric strategies while championing innovation in program management, planning and control. He is involved in all aspects of managing DPRA’s national and international operations and workforce, leading efforts to set the firm’s business goals and growth strategy, build value for investors, and identify emerging trends that will affect clients. He has led programs to increase shareholder value by driving operational excellence with a good business and corporate financial management strategy, along with a business development plan that returns results.

Mary J. Carter
Executive Vice President

Ms. Carter became Executive Vice President in 2016 after having served as the Chief Financial Officer for DPRA since 2002. In addition, Mary served as a Vice President from 2007 until 2011. Mary has been with DPRA for 25 plus years, originally joining the Company in 1988 as an Accounting Assistant after receiving her B.S. degree in Business Administration from Kansas State University. From that beginning, Mary went on to become an Accountant in 1991, a Senior Accountant in 1997, and Director of Accounting Services in 1999. In 2001, Mary was appointed Treasurer of the Company in 2001 and Secretary of the Company in 2002. Mary is also a member of the Audit Committee. As part of DPRA’s Leadership team, Mary brings her experience and guidance in developing the strategies and processes for company operations. She oversees the company’s financial organization, corporate planning, and corporate treasury.

Phil Cerasoli
Vice President, Solutions

Mr. Cerasoli was awarded the role of Vice President, Solutions after having served as the Chief Technology Officer. In both roles, Phil provides the vision and leadership for DPRA’s technology and software development programs to attain the company’s strategic goals. Phil advises and works with Company officers to grow the company by creating innovative and technologically superior solutions for the company’s customers through the use of technological resources. He also works closely with Information Technology Operations leadership to coordinate hardware, commercial operating software requirements and security.

Prior to becoming Vice President, Phil worked in a variety of capacities, from developer, technical lead, project management through senior technical management with a focus on transportation models and logistics support systems in the government sector. With over 29 years of experience in information technology and software development, Phil’s involvement can range from project oversite to software architecture design and development. Phil’s goals are the highest levels of quality, customer service and security. Areas of special interest for him are Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) for improved quality through process improvement, Agile and Lean software development methodologies, and cyber security.

Ivan Eno
Vice President, Business Development

Mr. Eno focuses on setting the direction for DPRA to achieve their growth goals within the technology and software development programs. Ivan works with cross functional leadership in all of DPRA’s US offices in order to vet and respond to opportunities. He also drives growth through the execution of an internal business development effort, which focuses on the expansion of existing projects and new product ventures. Ivan coordinates these efforts with the Company’s leadership in order to ensure proper alignment with the strategic goals and priorities of DPRA.

Ivan is a 2005 West Point graduate and served 5 years in the Infantry. He facilitated his transition into the civilian workforce with an MBA from UCLA Anderson. Ivan is driven by the amazing feeling that comes out of capturing a unique business opportunity, and he works to ensure every process and effort that impacts capture is optimized. His tenure with DPRA has been marked by a rapid gap analysis, a refocused business development strategy, and successful wins. Ivan works to build positive relationships with customers, companies, and employees, with an easy going nature and constant desire to improve.