About DPRA

DPRA develops powerful systems, software, and planning tools that allow business and government to execute efficiently and manage proactively. We specialize in solving the most complex logistical problems, including large-scale military operations and humanitarian support, as well as environmental forensics, policies, and the challenges of change management.

We’re committed to the creative and innovative application of science and technology. DPRA is leading the world in the areas of remote-area logistics, geo-referenced documents management, environmental management, and GIS-driven database development. Our team delivers pioneering, effective, forward-looking solutions that will help you meet your challenges and realize your opportunities, today and tomorrow.

Quick Facts about DPRA

  • 50 Year+ Track Record: The company that would become DPRA was founded in 1961. The current company was incorporated in 1972. DPRA has supported many of our clients continuously for over 20 years.
  • North American Focus: DPRA operates in six U.S. cities, and DPRA Canada in five Canadian cities.
  • Competitive Advantage: By attracting and retaining Creative People in our areas of expertise, DPRA delivers Smart Solutions that meet our clients’ needs.